Not so heavenly: Whopper of the Gods

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you’ll know that I’m a sucker for limited edition fast foods, and tonight I took the opportunity to try Hungry ¬†Jacks’ “Whopper of the Gods”, a promotion for the movie¬†Thor.

Site note 1: I must admit that I’m more a fan of McDonald’s than Hungry Jacks / Burger King, although I don’t find their Angus beef burgers worth the effort – hence this isn’t a review of McDonald’s competing “Smoky BBQ Angus Burger with Swiss cheese, bacon, red onion and smoky barbecue sauce on a sourdough bun”. I tried a McDonald’s Angus burger for the first time in New York in early 2008, and was so disappointed by how bland it was. These days I go for the occasional Big mac and the McDouble, a double cheeseburger with one slice of cheese that for some reason only costs $1.95, which is 45c less than a single cheeseburger – it may not be shown on the menu but it’s still available!

Side note 2: My all-time favourite limited edition burger – which coincidentally is also mythology film related – was McDonald’s “Colossus Burger”, a promotion for Hercules in the late 90s. The Colossus was a triple cheeseburger with bacon, sauce and mustard – no pickles or any of that rubbish. A truly magnificent creation that is sorely missed to this day, along with the Massive McMuffin.

So…it’s an Ultimate Double Whopper with barbecue sauce. Hmm. That’s not very exciting. Oh well, maybe it will look exciting.

Um…nope. So how did it taste? Like an Ultimate Double Whopper with that horrible chemical tasting sauce that Hungry Jacks rolls out for limited editions. At least there was no avocado in it.

‘Nuff said – back to Maccas for me.