Baking disaster class: Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies

I first encountered this rather disturbing image during one of my regular trawls to This Is Why You’re Huge, a site that I don’t visit looking for the answer to life’s problems but rather for blog inspiration or a photo of something horrific that I can send to my work colleagues just before lunch. For once, this actually looked rather tasty and I followed the links to find this recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough brownies by Recipe Girl. Having finally put the horrors of those Oreo things behind me, this seemed like a simple recipe that neatly solved the problem that a large amount of cookie dough never actually makes it to the oven in my house, and when it does the temperature-lottery burns half of them.

You can get the full recipe from here, so I won’t repeat it. I used Australian cup measures, and for once I was glad to have a recipe in cups (who measures butter in cups??) because one of the kids seems to have stolen my kitchen scales.

The first step is to make the brownie mix – cream butter & brown sugar, add eggs, vanilla, melted dark chocolate (I used a nice 85% Lindt here) and flour. Bake for 25-35 minutes in a 9×13 inch pan. No disasters at this stage.

So here we are with the cooked brownie. Now against my better judgement I didn’t line the tray (it just said to spray with oil), and I also wasn’t expecting it to be quite this high, as I now have nowhere to place my upper level of cookie dough. Hmm. I wish I’d been warned how high this actually was. Damn you, Recipe Girl!!

I decided to get the brownie out of the pan now rather than when fully assembled, and of course it was stuck. I cut around the edges and started to come away, then I managed to drop it upside-down over the edge of a cutting board so it broke in two, at which point the children learnt a few new swear words. I managed to flip it over and reassemble it on a cutting board. No-one will ever know…

Making the cookie dough is pretty straight forward, and is egg free since it’s not being cooked – cream butter with white & brown sugars, add milk, vanilla, flour and milk chocolate chips.

Being a cold day spreading the cookie dough was a little tough but I struggled through with a big knife. I then drizzled over some melted milk chocolate (no, I couldn’t be bothered to use a piping bag) and added some dark chocolate chips before hiding in the fridge to chill, away from the kids.

So was the finished product? Seriously sweet but quite fabulous. This is a really easy recipe, and the kids can help without making TOO much mess (although I’m never falling for the “I know how to crack an egg, Dad” line again). Thanks, Recipe Girl!