McDonald’s Aussie Range – Fish & Fries, McOz and Pavlova McFlurry


It’s only been six weeks since Macca’s introduced its “Summer Range” with the disappointing Smoky BBQ Bandit and Scorcher Peri Peri burgers and hideous Blazing Omelette McMuffin – well now it’s time for the new “Aussie Range”, featuring what appears to be a rather unimaginative selection of items.


Firstly – and perhaps most oddly – we have “Fish & Fries”.  From the picture on the box, I thought the fish was going to come with some special, chunky fries. Alas, no – it’s just that the fish “fillets” (and I use the term loosely) are the same colour as the fries in the picture. I wonder if this was accidental.


So here’s what you get. A standard small fries, three pieces of battered fish and a small tub of tartare sauce. The tartare sauce was very strong, which was a good thing because the fish tasted of nothing. And that was after I finally managed to sink my teeth through the tough batter. Ugh. No great surprises here, but I wonder who would actually want to eat this for anything other than curiosity’s sake.

The McOz is basically a quarter pounder with salad, and is an Australian variant of the American Whopper-competitor “Big N’ Tasty“, with beetroot added and the mayo replaced with ketchup & mustard. It’s suspiciously similar to the popular McFeast, which simply removes the beetroot and puts the mayo back.


Pretty much as advertised, although there was no sign of any mustard. Overall it was quite dry and bland, and again no surprises – I think it’s a bit odd to have salad with ketchup and no mayo, but maybe that’s just a personal thing. When it comes to burgers with salad I think they really are better at Hungry Jack’s, the Sydney Stack notwithstanding. There’s also a new Aussie BBQ Lamb Burger (lamb, salad, bbq sauce & mayo on a damper roll) but I don’t like the lamb so I’m not going near that one.

The new breakfast item – anything has to be better than that omelette, surely – is the Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll (bacon, two sausage patties, barbecue sauce, mayo and curiously no egg on a wheat germ bun). I can imagine what that tastes like, and I won’t be going out of my way to verify that.


The Pavlova McFlurry was nice but very sweet with a generous serving of little meringues and some passionfruit sauce. You can also get passionfruit flavoured Frozen Fanta (with or without soft serve) if you really need to get your sugar levels up.

Check out the McDonald’s Australia website for some glimpses of the new items – win a prize if you can read that fast.

(header image via BurgerBusiness)