Here they come: Macca’s Tastes of America


Get ready folks, it’s time for Australia to finally get a McDonald’s “Tastes of America” promotion. Hmm, none of these burgers look very adventurous and / or interesting. Where’s the Idaho burger with a potato hash brown, Broadway Burger with mustard & cream cheese sauces or Manhattan burger with pastrami and mozzarella?


Now if these are good, they’ll be going down in $20 portions…they’d better have more chilli than that awful breakfast omelette thing. Already worried about plastic (cheese) burns to the face.


The “brekkie roll” doesn’t look very appetising – onions for breakfast doesn’t excite me, not to mention fillings twice the size of the bun – but the shake is a definite must. Waffle cones…meh.

This promotion is due to hit as early as next week – stay tuned for the definitive reviews on these new items! Let me know what you think when you try them.

(via BurgerBusiness)