Off the shelf: Arnott’s Twisted Faves, a waste of good Rolos and a selection of nuts & Willies

Yes, it’s time for another installment of the series where I buy random snack foods so you don’t have to. All of these items were purchased by me purely to satisfy my own cravings and / or curiosity.

Arnott's Twisted Faves

We start with Arnott’s Twisted Faves, which have been developed in celebration of Arnott’s 150 year anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to change something that so many people know and love?

I think these are exclusive to Coles, I had to enter an actual supermarket (shudder) to buy these.

Arnott's Twisted Faves

I wasn’t really excited by either of these, unfortunately. The shortbread definitely smelled like “strawberries & cream” lollies, although I thought the flavour could have been stronger. The salted caramel was much the same – the cream didn’t taste of much, and the salt was evident only after I’d finished the biscuit which wasn’t pleasant. I’d rather have a Lemon Crisp for a salty-sweet experience.

Somehow I failed to notice that there are also “Jaffa Choc Orange” Delta Creams, and I will definitely be trying these – I’d be much happier if they brought back Mandarin Slice, though.

DSCF3309I found this “Nestle Yoghurt Split Pot” while shopping in Coles for the biscuits, and there are also Jaffa, KitKat and Smarties varieties. You can currently buy these in Woolworths at 2 for $4.


I didn’t like this at all. The yoghurt was way too sharp, and it wasn’t a nice combination. This was a waste of good Rolos, and would have been better with some sweeter yoghurt (or no yoghurt and more Rolos).


I came across these in Woolies online while searching for something more nutritious, and there was no picture but they sounded exciting so I took a $4.99 gamble. It looks like it’s a New Zealand brand.


Wow, these are most definitely spicy. Like eating chilli powder from the jar. Straight into the bin.


…just like these. There’s nothing remotely “saucy” or “Angus beef” about them. Yuck.


…and these. I really should stop buying this crap.


When we recently holidayed in Melbourne we headed to the Coles in Healesville to grab some supplies, and of course I had to buy these Red Rock Deli dips because they had “special edition” on the label.


I really liked the mango, lime & cashew which was a perfect blend of sweet & spicy. The chipotle, grilled capsicum & cashew had distinct layers of flavour – and quite a kick at the end – although the heat from the chipotle seemed like it was there for the sake of it than adding any real substance. I didn’t dislike it, although I’d only buy the mango one again.


It’s time for some chocolate Willies…or is that Willie’s chocolate. I also picked these up in Healesville Coles at just under $12 for the box. They also had the “sea salt caramel” variety and I was hard pressed to choose, but I certainly wasn’t buying both at that price without trying them.


I wasn’t sure at first, but they grew on me  – the lime works well with the dark chocolate and the chilli is quite subtle, but definitely there. For a quality product these aren’t bad value – Coles also stock some of the other Willie’s Cacao products and they’re worth trying if you enjoy decent chocolate.


The Willie’s Cacao website says: “when the Peruvian Chulucanas 70 dark chocolate breaks, the lime chilli caramel bursts its banks. As the wave of lime rolls in, the faint crest of chilli appears. It’s a journey of endless surprises with these rare and precious pearls.” I’m not sure if I’d go quite that far…


Continuing the chocolate theme, I also found these Cadbury Breakaway biscuits in Healesville Coles, which are also available in milk chocolate & hazelnut varieties. I haven’t seen them in Perth but I imagine you can get them somewhere.


Ooh, fancy! And big, too – only 6 in a packet, although that’s by no means stingy.


The quality of the individual wrapping is quite impressive.


These are a substantial biscuit, and very nice too – especially if you liked Breakaway chocolate, which was apparently discontinued due to poor sales. I really liked that they came in dark chocolate.

They’re almost too big, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Ending with breakfast, I decided to try another of Kraft’s new nut butter range, this time the natural peanut butter which is 100% nuts (like me). This 325g jar costs $4.60 from Woolworths, and also comes in “smooth” if you’re that way inclined.


Compared to “normal” peanut butter, it’s very…wet. The label tells you to stir the oil back in, and you will certainly need to. But boy, is it worth the effort. It actually slides off the spoon…


…and here it is on toast. Quite possibly with added Lurpak. It’s nowhere near as salty as “normal” peanut butter, but there’s nothing added so I guess it wouldn’t be. It’s quite delicious.

If you suffer from arachibutyrophobia (look it up), this is the stuff of your worst nightmares. If not, I don’t see how you could go back to any other peanut butter after this. Treat yourself to a jar when your old stuff runs out, or possibly sooner.