A tale of three hot dogs: Cutting Board Eat House, Hopper Espresso & The Flour Factory

My workmate Andrew and I have spent the last month or so trawling through our local work area for new and interesting lunches – mainly King Street, Shafto Lane & Cloisters, although we’ve headed further afield to William Street a few times this week. We usually head out and see what takes our fancy along the way, but one thing we both have in common is that we can’t resist a hot dog.

Side note: I’ve loved hot dogs for as long as I can remember, and my all time-favourite from 20-something years ago is the Chilli Dog from Mr Pizza in Vic Park, which is unfortunately long gone (it’s now Brando’s – does anyone else remember Mr Pizza? there was one in Subi too). One (or maybe two) of those with a Bundaberg ginger beer was the compulsory end to almost any night out…

Here’s three hot dogs we’ve discovered over the last month.

Cutting Board

One of our very first lunch destinations was Cutting Board Eat House in Cloisters, which serves all manner of hot dishes / rolls / salads etc. We each tried a chicken schnitzel roll that day, which was okay but a bit simple and could have used some salad and / or cheese, which weren’t obviously offered at the time. We’ve been getting a little low on new options close to the office lately so decided to go back there on Friday for another look, and were hovering towards some rather nice pulled beef & pork when we spotted their huge “New York style” hot dog / beast with onions, sauerkraut, cheese, mustard & relish.

The sausage was imposing even without anything else around it, and had that potent “snap” of a quality dog. The cheese was parmesan – not the good, fresh sort – which was weird and didn’t smell particularly appetising, but I struggled on and enjoyed the dog anyway.

Hopper Espresso

Another place we bumped into was Hopper Espresso in Shafto Lane, and we’ve been there a couple of times for meatball subs and pulled pork rolls with varying degrees of success. Their coffee (Five Senses) is great, and I will be back to try their French toast with bacon when I can escape from the office one morning (and don’t have any work to do for several hours afterwards).

This hot dog was on brioche, with onions, cheese & lots of mustard – I know it’s not a pretty photo, but it wasn’t easy to eat either. I really liked the brioche (but I like brioche on / with just about anything) and would eat this again but I think they need to tweak it a bit.

The Flour Factory

The undisputed winner for me was the very first one we tried – the “Classic Dog” from The Flour Factory on Queen Street. Wow. The toppings on this dog were so fresh and full of flavour, and the mustard was seriously  strong – so much so that Andrew didn’t like this dog at all. He doesn’t generally eat spicy things and this was way too over the top for him, which I can completely understand, but for me this was everything a gourmet dog should be – great sausage, quality bun and punchy condiments. Even the three “dipping” sauces were fantastic (mustard, beetroot and capsicum, from memory). Alas if I want this dog again I think I’ll be lunching on my own…

Watch this space for more hot dog tales, I have still to finish my reports on an awesome chilli dog I had in Brisbane and our recent Saturday lunch at Varsity Bar in Nedlands…

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