Snack-food Review: Smith’s “Crispy Bacon” Potato Chips

Crispy Bacon

It seems that someone at Smith’s has been reading my blog! It was only a month or so ago when I moaned about the lack of variety of crisps (potato chips) available in Australia when writing about the Walkers Crisps “Clash of the Comics” promotion in the UK, and now Smith’s have delivered two limited edition “flavours of the nation” – crispy bacon and lamb & mint.

Those readers from the UK will be familiar with “smokey bacon” as a very common crisp flavour, much like cheese & onion orĀ  “barbecue” here. When you open the crispy bacon packet, the smell is very reminiscent of smokey bacon although the taste is different, in a subtle way that I can’t really describe. They didn’t taste as strong as I expected given the smell, and I wonder if this flavour would be better suited to a thinner crisp (rather than crinkle cut) – although they might then be too similar to Smith’s odd tasting “BBQ ribs” thinly cut crisps.

Rather dramatically, the back of the pack reads:

“To celebrate our Great Aussie flavours, Smith’s brings you an Aussie favourite – CRISPY BACON.
The freshest Aussie potatoes are peeled, sliced, cooked and then seasoned to bring you this classic Aussie flavour!
Grab a pack now, it would be un-Australian not to!”

I’m not quite sure what makes “crispy bacon” a classic Aussie flavour. If it was that classic, surely it wouldn’t need to be limited edition. Anyway, the whole world knows that everything is better with bacon, even cupcakes. As for being un-Australian, I’m probably being that just by calling them crisps instead of potato chips. If they’re so Australian, why didn’t Smith’s make them available for Australia Day? Perhaps they’re planning a Gobbledok invasion on Anzac Day.


Only two new flavours seems a little odd – maybe there’s more classic Aussie flavours to come? Burnt snagger & beer? Pavlova? Sunscreen and sand? There’s no information on the Smith’s website, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Lamb and mint is a combination that I’ve never particularly enjoyed, and the thought of it in crisp-form does nothing for me – others are not speaking very kindly of them. If I’m feeling brave I’ll give them a go, but for now I’m happy to keep snacking on the crispy bacon.

UPDATE: I’ve now tried the lamb & mint, and I plead with you not to go there, even for fear of being un-Australian. The smell and taste of mint is so overpowering – surely this isn’t the best they could come up with?