McDonald’s Australia “Oven Baked” Range

Oven Baked

Burger Business reports that McDonald’s Australia is trialling a new range of oven baked products in 44 South Australian restaurants, in response to consumer concerns about fried foods. Not only is it unusual to see new concepts trialled in Australia, the choice of South Australia – having less than 8% of the Australian population – seems somewhat odd.  It’s also not fair that I don’t get to try them.

The range includes:

  • oven-baked Texas Chicken Skewers
  • a Chicken Parmigiana Burger with an oven-baked marinated chicken patty
  • a Chicken Parmigiana Wrap and a Parmigiana Snack Wrap with half a patty
  • star-shaped baked fish called Fish Bakes, sold with tartar sauce.
  • breakfast items Maple McGriddles and Blueberry McGriddles with Hotcake Syrup
  • a baked dessert called Baked Choc Pot, a molten lava cake accompanied by soft serve.

The trial ends on 24 May 2011, and it will be interesting to see if this concept makes it outside of South Australia – if you live there and have tried any of these items, please leave a comment and let us know what you think.