Breakfast at Maccas: bagels & biscuits

I really don’t get on with McDonald’sM Selections” menu. I find the Angus burgers all rather ordinary, and don’t often eat chicken burgers – if I do, I tend to go somewhere that specialises in chicken, not that that’s any guarantee of quality or taste. I do enjoy the occasional bagel, however – I remember many weekend trips to the drive through some years ago when McDonald’s sold them for breakfast with cream cheese & jam – and thought I would try the new NYC Benedict and Boston Deli bagels.

The NYC Benedict Bagel includes bacon, egg, cheese and Hollandaise sauce on a lightly toasted bagel. I don’t really like Hollandaise at the best of times, and I was a little concerned that this would make me hate it with a passion, having surmised that McDonald’s doesn’t train its breakfast staff in the art of making French mother sauces. Thankfully (?) it was just like a tasteless mayonnaise, and as you can see from the photo, there was plenty of it slapped in and around the bagel in a somewhat suggestive manner. ¬†As for the bagel itself, I didn’t realise it was toasted until I looked at the McDonald’s website to get the description for this review.

The Boston Deli Bagel includes a fresh (anaemic) tomato slice, bacon, egg, (sweaty) cheese and “seasoned” avocado, again on a bagel that was on a tray that was casually waved past a toaster. The avocado was simply unpleasant; in the photo it looks like it’s trying to escape, and I wish it had.

Needing to drown my sorrows I decided to try one of the new “M Selections” shakes, and went for the chocolate shake with Oreos – there’s also a strawberry version with Cadbury Dream white chocolate. I wasn’t paying attention to how the shake was made, but it tasted a lot nicer than the normal McDonald’s chocolate shake. The Oreo crumbs are a nice touch, and this is an excellent drink.

McDonald’s Australia, hear my plea: your breakfast bagels are horrible. Please bring back the Massive McMuffin – New Zealand has it, why don’t we?