McDonald’s taste test: Return of the McFeast, Shaker Fries & new McFlurries

A seriously underwhelming experience...

McDonald’s is marking its 40th birthday in Australia with numerous specials and limited editions, most notably the return of the McFeast and four new varieties of McFlurry.

I was never a fan of the McFeast when it was regularly available, mainly due to the huge slab of tomato that always featured so prominently in the photos, which I don’t like in burgers or sandwiches. I gather the burger on offer now is actually a McFeast Deluxe, which originally included mustard, ketchup, large onions, McFeast Deluxe sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheese and a quarter pounder patty served in a Quarter Pounder/McChicken Bun. It returned to the Australian menu in 2009 using the same ingredients, however contained McChicken sauce in place of the original ‘McFeast Deluxe’ sauce.

Hmm. This was obviously assembled from a distance. It tasted as bad as it looked, and I swear the bottom of the bun was smaller than the top. The meat was dry. The salad was too cold. I have no idea what sauces were thrown at it. Ugh. Back to the Mega Mac for me…

McDonald’s are very generously offering “shaker fries” seasoning for free. Wow. Now I’m not a great lover of fries but I’m willing to take a chance. I put my medium fries in the bag provided and – quite daringly – chucked in the whole sachet of spicy goodness before bravely shaking. The shaking was embarrassingly loud and the end result was mildly spicy in a way I can’t really describe, and to be honest I’ve already forgotten. Novelty value only.

Completing the trifecta of things I don’t really like from McDonald’s is the McFlurry. I have nothing against them, I just normally  go for a shake. In fact I think this may be the first time I’ve ever had one. Confronted by four new flavours – double choc fudge, caramel cookie, strawberry crumble and bubblegum squash – seriously? – I chose the caramel cookie.

Are they meant to look like this? This was seriously underwhelming, particularly the mountain of tasteless “cookie”.

Probably the best value on offer during the birthday celebrations is $1 cheeseburgers for 40 days from 12pm – 1pm, although I believe there’s a limit of 4 per person – now where’s my wig….?