Return of the McDonald’s El Maco and tastes of Spain

At a time when McDonald’s franchises around the world are coming up with all sorts of interesting burger ideas, good old Macca’s (now an official name here in Australia) takes the easy route and brings back the El Maco for a limited time. You can check out the TV ad here.

So what is the El Maco? Two beef patties, cheese, tomato, lettuce and taco sauce mixed with sour cream. It’s meant to look like this:

…but mine looked like this:

As you can see, there is a large gloop of sour cream / taco sauce mixture trying to escape from the top left of the burger, but never fear! there was plenty more inside. You could taste the sour cream in there, but the taco sauce had no real bite and I found the whole thing rather tasteless. The onions from a Big Mac might have helped. Or perhaps I should just have ordered a Big Mac instead. Come on McRib, where are you?

Against my better judgement I decided to try the new minty fudge McFlurry, weighing up my love for choc-mint against my apathy for McFlurries in general. Ignore the fact that it looks like rabbit droppings and sand, how does it taste? Like eating a cheap chocolate biscuit straight after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Burger Business reports that many European McDonald’s franchises have run competitions where consumers invent custom burgers using standard components, and the finalists are offered as limited edition items. This sounds like a lot of fun, although it would appear that they have more interesting ingredients to start with overseas. Not that most Aussies would need salad. Bogan McFlurry anyone?

The five McDonald’s Spain finalists are:

  • The McFlanders: A beef patty specked with pepper topped with caramelized-onion sauce, lettuce, fresh onion, tomato, bacon and melted Emmental cheese on a French roll (and sliced eyeballs, by the look of the picture above).
  • The McCantabrica: A crispy chicken patty with bacon-favored cheese, blue-cheese sauce, crispy onions and tomato on a corn-dusted ciabatta roll.
  • The Duck Sauce: A grilled chicken patty with spicy barbecue sauce, lettuce, crispy onions and pepper-Jack cheese on a French roll.
  • The McChop: A beef patty with creamy mustard sauce, grilled onions, tomato, crisp red pepper bits, bacon and melted Emmental cheese on an Iberico roll.
  • The McBis: A crispy chicken patty with Monterey Jack cheese, sweet mustard, tomato, bacon and crispy onions on a semolina-dusted roll.

The winner is chosen by public vote, and it looks like the McCantabrica above – also with sliced eyeballs, apparently – is going to be the runaway winner.