McDonald’s Serious Lamb Taster

For some reason the world’s going crazy about lamb burgers – earlier this week Burger Business┬álisted 24 different varieties being offered at specialty burger restaurants across America.┬áSince Morsels was in hiatus when McDonald’s launched its Serious Lamb Burger, I wasn’t in the queue at 10:30am on launch day trying to be the first to sample the latest Maccas treat. The sound of it didn’t really excite me anyway, and today I finally took the half-plunge and tried the $3 Serious Lamb Taster – a lamb patty, lettuce and aioli wrapped in a tortilla.

I’m sorry to say that I really didn’t like it – one mouthful was all that I could manage. I was surprised at how un-McDonald’s it tasted, and if that was the extent of the problem then I’m not sure what that says about me. It’s not that I don’t like lamb; but to me this tasted like a home experiment in making lamb meatballs gone wrong.

At least the Mighty McMuffin is back. Just add an extra sausage and the legendary Massive McMuffin is reborn.