Fast Food Review: KFC Black Edition Kentucky Burger


I don’t eat KFC very often – the thought of having a hot flush while¬†being served by Joel Madden in a drive through doesn’t do much for my appetite – but when I do, my meal of choice is a Zinger with bacon and cheese. KFC’s latest offering, the new “Black Edition Kentucky Burger”, raises the stakes by¬†adding “bourbon flavoured” bbq sauce and two of my favourite things – coleslaw and crispy fried onion.


The real burger was much smaller than promised, but that’s to be expected. So how did it eat? Disappointingly. The sauce was way too strong and doesn’t taste of bourbon, the regular KFC coleslaw was also very strong and there just weren’t enough of the maggoty-looking fried onions. I think the cheese was some kind of swiss, more melty but less flavoursome than the usual burger cheese. At the end I found my mouth desperately longing for the mayo from a Zinger to take the taste of the sauce and coleslaw away.


I’m guessing this is a (very) limited edition burger as it doesn’t even rate a mention on the main KFC website. It’s worth a try if you’re curious but I won’t be going back for another.