Surprisingly good: Chorizo, Sausage & Egg McMuffin

I don’t normally eat breakfast at McDonalds; certainly not since they took away the Massive McMuffin and after that horrific omelette thing, anyway. I went back today to try the new Chorizo, Sausage & Egg McMuffin which combines the obvious ingredients with some spicy relish, and looks like another Macca’s attempt to put the “spicy” into breakfast. I quite enjoy chorizo for breakfast (usually with scrambled eggs at The Beaufort Street Merchant), so let’s see how it stacks up.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t a complete shambles when I unwrapped it and as McMuffins go it actually tasted rather nice. The chorizo isn’t overly spicy, and much of the flavour comes from the “tasty relish”, but it doesn’t really matter as the combination is very tasty and makes a nice change from the same old flavours. Unfortunately I doubt that it’s different enough from “just adding bacon” to justify a permanent place on the menu, but I’d choose this over the other McMuffins hands down.


I’m no expert in chorizo-sizing, but that’s bigger than you normally buy in Woolies. Hot food lovers (including myself) shouldn’t expect to break out in a sweat, but for a commercial breakfast item there’s enough heat there to satisfy most. You can also get a Chorizo & Egg McMuffin if…well, I can’t think why you’d want that.


The McMuffins have been unceremoniously shoved  behind a boring range of chicken burgers which are “permanent” menu additions – the McSpicy, McGrilled and McChamp – and you can also buy 15 nuggets in a large box for $9.95 with limited edition ranch dressing. Hold me back! And what’s with this “20 chickens agree” crap?


In the sweet department there’s a Crunchie McFlurry and some hideous looking green Frozen Fanta. They dont’ say what flavour it is, just that it’s “mean green” and “all kinds of sweet”. I’d keep the kids away from that one. Might be good for dunking some nuggets in?