A recent history of fast-food mash-ups


US website First We Feast this week published a gallery showing some recent examples of American fast-food “mash-ups”, the likes of which we rarely see here in Australia. First we have the Dunkin’ Donuts “Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich”, featuring bacon & eggs stuffed inside a glazed donuts. Okay I admit it, I’d give that a go.

pizza taco-crop

Here we have the Fiesta Taco Pizza from Pizza Hut dating back to 2007. Don’t fancy that.


This Burger King Netherlands “Nacho Burger” stuffs a Whopper with corn chips and “Mexican Sauce”, whatever that is. Oh, and creepy fingers.


…and finally we return to breakfast for Taco Bell’s waffle taco stuffed with sausage, scrambled egg and maple syrup. Yes, I would.

Be sure to check out the whole gallery here.

(via Huffington Post)