Amazeballs. No, really.


The latest promotion from the incorrectly spelt Australian doughnut franchise Donut King are the disturbingly named “Amazeballs”, a warm “donut ball” filled with choc orange, apple cinnamon or jam. At four for $5.50 they are reasonably priced, especially since they’re made (well, fried) to order. I still felt like punching myself in the face when I placed my order, trying very hard to mumble.


Quite simply, amazeballs. Regular readers will know that anything choc-orange is a weakness of mine, and it is for this reason alone that I uttered that word in public.


I was half way through before discovering any choc-orange, although I found the rest of it with my next bite. It was rather warm. But definitely choc-orange, and quite nice.


Anyone who’s had anything to do with hot jam will have anticipated my next issue. Ouch. Similarly, the apple & cinnamon filling was like the inside of a Macca’s apple pie, although slightly cooler than the surface of the sun.

The Amazeballs don’t really live up to their name. Nice enough, but nothing special.

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