Recipe to Riches Review: Chocorn


After last week’s sugary nightmare, this week’s Recipe to Riches winner is Chocorn, “a selection of exquisitely covered popped corn kernels in 3 luxurious flavours”. Otherwise described as chocolate coated caramel popcorn, Chocorn is the invention of Garth Midgley, a graphic artist from Victoria.

The first thing you notice about Chocorn is the price – a whopping $7.99 for 225g. By way of comparison, a 175g bag of Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs (obviously without the chocolate) costs around $3.75 and a 220g block of Cadbury chocolate will set you back just under $5, although you can usually find it on special for much less than that.


Getting to the action requires a bit of work to start with. The box is covered with plastic, and once you’ve fought your way through that, the box reveals three rather tacky silver packets that simply cannot be opened without something sharp. I guess if you were in a cinema you might have some have keys on you, but sit down on the couch with a box of Chocorn and you’ve got instant annoyance. This would have looked so much nicer shipped in something like a clear plastic covered cupcake tray.


There’s three different flavours of Chocorn, each annoyingly “enrobed” in chocolate – white chocolate coated in diced macadamias, milk chocolate coated in diced hazelnuts and dark chocolate sprinkled with Fleur De Sel, which is apparently a rare and expensive French sea salt. They don’t even bother to explain what this on the box, and it’s painfully pretentious. I have no reason to believe that this isn’t a genuine ingredient, but wonder if they should have spent more on the quality of the chocolate, which is pretty ordinary.


The dark chocolate with sea salt, sorry Fleur De Sel, is the tastiest of the three flavours although after a couple of each it all becomes a bit of a blur. I guess Chocorn does what it says on the box, although I don’t feel the urge to go back for more. Lower the price and it will be much more tempting.

cadbury-dairy-milk-toffee-popcorn-2Woolworths also seem to have overlooked that Cadbury now sell chocolate coated popcorn and pretzels. In the UK you can get chocolate with toffee popcorn in block form – I’ve tried this and it’s very nice indeed – and hopefully it will hit our shelves at some point.