Recipe to Riches Review: Rosie’s Kitchen Almond Meringue Biscuits


This week on Recipe to Riches we entered the potentially dangerous “Food for Thought” category, where three “healthy” products that no-one would ever eat voluntarily was presented by three people you’d like to slap. I mean, did that irritating woman with the “chicken & vegetable quinoa cubes baby food” think she was actually going to get her product on the shelves in this competition when it only has limited market appeal? And then she tried to poison the nation’s babies with her freezing-and-reheating of chicken process…

This week’s winner was “Rosie’s Kitchen Almond Meringue Biscuits”, described as “sweet and delicious Italian delicacies” that are also gluten free. You get eight for $5.99 which (appears to be) better value than some of the previous offerings.


I don’t ever recall seeing silica gel – or whatever this moisture absorbing material is – in a packet of biscuits, and it’s a little disturbing. Something tells me that these biscuits might be a bit dry… And once again, we have a packet that you can’t get into without something sharp. WOOLWORTHS, YOUR NASTY PACKAGING IS MAKING ME ANGRY.


I’m sorry, but if this is the kind of thing I have to eat when being “gluten free”, I’ll stay away from biscuits. This horrible, dry “biscuit” has no flavour and an unpleasant texture that’s like eating plasterboard. This isn’t like any meringue I’ve ever eaten – maybe dunking in a large volume of liquid would make them palatable. Come on Woolworths, is this really as good as it gets?

GreekPizzaKit  Copy-crop

Still to be reviewed: frozen Golden Greek pizza dough & sauce. This week: man food – could be exciting, although the uninspiring-sounding candidates are a bolognese meat pie, Carribean jerk ribs sauce and meatballs. We’ll see.

Unfortunately, the Recipe to Riches series started off well but I’m rapidly losing interest.