Quick Fast Food Review: Macca’s Hot Hawaiian Quarter Pounder


Macca’s latest (and really rather dull) burger promotion includes two new Quarter Pounder variants – the Hot Hawaiian with pineapple & chilli sauce, and the BLT with the obvious. The BLT looks rather predictable – and I’m not a fan of tomato in burgers – so I decided to try the Hot Hawaiian.


Nice box…how about the contents?


Okay, I accept that the burger might have moved around in the box on the way home, but there is no way in hell that bit of pineapple could cover even 50% of the surface, and it’s clearly evident how poorly the chilli sauce was distributed.

Tastewise this was a complete disappointment, the pineapple had no flavour – Macca’s, you can do better than this – and the chilli sauce was weird, more of a parmigiana type sauce which may or may not have had a chilli waved at it. Nothing “hot” whatsoever. Bacon might have rescued it, but then the BLT would be even more pointless.

Seriously disappointing, and I’m sick of wasting my money on these “limited edition” burgers. Enough said.