Fast Food Review: KFC Aussie vs English Burgers


It’s been a while since KFC had anything interesting to review so I was excited to see these new “Aussie vs English” burgers as part of its current “green and gold” promotion in support of the Aussie Ashes team (not that they need it, but there you go).


The Aussie burger includes an original recipe chicken fillet, beetroot, crispy onion, tasty cheese and lettuce with BBQ sauce. As we all know, the addition of beetroot makes anything Australian.


The English burger includes a crispy chicken fillet, coleslaw, tasty cheese and English mustard. Now this is right up my street – anything with coleslaw in it is a winner for me (although I said that about KFC’s Black Edition Kentucky burger, which also had crispy onions in it….) I’m a big fan of English mustard (the hotter the better), although it’s not something I’d normally eat with chicken.


KFC has really gone to town with this promotion, although I’m not sure about this. Ah, the things people do for fame…and greasy hair. If you feel the urge to be a #buckethead, there’s loads more of this stuff on the KFC Facebook page.


It was interesting to note that the menu boards list the Aussie burger as the “Australian” burger, but even more interesting was the description of the English burger on my receipt. I wonder how long before this offends someone. Anyway, time for the reality check.


The big disappointment with my Aussie burger was that it didn’t have any crispy onions in it. Boo. It’s a shame, because this burger could really use some crunch to offset the beetroot, scraggy lettuce and chicken fillet which are all rather soft. The biggest problem here was way too much barbecue sauce, which overpowered everything else and made it very sloppy to eat. Not nice.


The English burger was much better. The standard KFC coleslaw is rather strong, but as you can see there’s not a lot of it. The English mustard (in sauce form) was really nice, very tangy but of course not too hot and it made a tasty combination with the coleslaw. I also prefer the crispy fillets in KFC burgers, but I guess that’s just a personal preference. Stick a Zinger fillet and some bacon in this and it would be just about perfect. Good job, KFC.

So unlike the real Ashes, the English well and truly won this battle.