Dodgy fast food review: KFC Nacho Box

KFC Nacho Box

Here we have the current promotion from KFC – the Nacho Box. Featuring popcorn chicken, corn chips, cheese and salsa for only $3.95 this looks like it might be a good value snack. I’m a little suspicious of the small amount of cheese shown in the picture, and there’s no mention of what the creamy-looking splodges are, but I’m willing to take a chance…

KFC Nacho Box

Looks ok from the outside.

KFC Nacho Box

Packed full of…oh dear. This photo speaks for itself – if you feel the urge to try it, make sure you bring some cutlery. The salsa has a surprising amount of flavour, but that’s as fas as the positives go. Still no clue what the goo is…and is grated cheese really that expensive? I’ll have my $3.95 back, please.

KFC Nacho Burger

There’s also a “Nacho Burger” with corn chips, presumably the same salsa and “nacho cheese sauce”, which I’m guessing explains the mystery substance in the Nacho Box. I think I’ll pass.