Fast food sadness: Hungry Jack’s Bacon Chicken Crunch

Hungry Jacks Bacon Chicken Crunch

I don’t normally bother with Hungry Jack’s, as it often disagreed with my stomach even before surgery, however this new crunchy thing looked rather interesting – it’s coated in cornflakes, apparently. And it has bacon…

Hungry Jacks

So it wasn’t very exciting to look at, but that’s no great surprise and I’ve seen much worse. The bacon didn’t look like it had seen much heat, but the thing that really shocked me was how tasteless and dry this thing was. The coating on the chicken was an interesting texture when eaten in isolation from everything else, but the whole burger was very underwhelming. Some cheese might have helped, but I’d say back to the drawing board on this one.

Hungry Jacks

Also on offer at the moment is a caramel thick shake and “hokey pokey crunch” sundae. I’m a sucker for a good shake – and caramel is my flavour of choice – and this one wasn’t actually too bad. It was a little too sweet and that artificial “syrup” taste all too common with caramel shakes, but what do you expect from a drive through? Better than the burger, anyway.