Fast food fail: Macca’s Loaded Fries

loaded friesAlthough I can appreciate a truly good chip as much as the next man, I’m not the biggest fan of fries – especially the fast-food variety.

I can, however, be tempted by “loaded” fries, which are a great way to bury some dodgy spuds under lashings of chilli, much in the way the horrors of cauliflower can be hidden under large dollops of gloopy cheese sauce.

Loaded friesI was surprised to see Macca’s announce the release of loaded fries this week, in “guacamole and salsa” and “bacon & cheese sauce” varieties and wasn’t expecting much, but decided to try the bacon & cheese version.

Loaded FriesI was right not to expect much. To start with, the box had been put into the bag on its side which wasn’t a great start, but shouldn’t affect the taste. Unfortunately, they looked and tasted like someone had emptied a salty ash tray on top of some very average fries. Cheese sauce? I’d be amazed if there was more than a teaspoon of it in the box, and there certainly wasn’t enough to determine if it was nice (or cheesy).

There’s no way I’m trying the guacamole & salsa variety. I shudder to think what they look like. Truly awful.